What are the tuition fees?

Please check Course Details sight for each course .

How long does it take to complete a course?

This varies for each student, self-pace, comfort level in the subject, and many other factors, but the average time to complete one course is 12 weeks; the maximum time to complete is 365 days. Contact Assistant Director Admission for personal learning plan support.

How are the lessons delivered?

Lessons are delivered in a wide variety of formats in order to cater to different learning styles.  Personal learning paths can be created with teachers as per the subject comfort . Various modes can be opted from- online , blended, hybrid and customised with expert teachers for English, Science and Maths.

How do I write the final exams

  • Students must have finished and submitted all coursework before taking the final exam. Once the exam is written, any outstanding coursework will be given a grade of zero. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have submitted all coursework before writing the final exam.

Once all required work has been submitted, the final exam will become visible and they will be able to launch it. There is only one attempt permittedfor the final exam, so students should not open it until they are ready to sit the entire exam. The exam is not password protected and thus the student does not need to schedule it in advance; students simply open up the exam and complete it when they are ready. Student does not need to schedule it in advance; students simply open up the exam and complete it when they are ready.

  • The exam fee will need to be paid at least 5 business days prior to when you would like to write your exam.
  • The exam fee must be paid via the registration window where you initially registered.
  • Once logged in, select ‘Online Bill Payment’, then ‘Exam Fee’ and follow the payment instructions. Once payment has been completed, please allow 3 business days for processing.
  • Upon completion, “Transfer Ticket” will be issued  forr exam fee has been processed successfully and students will be able to access the Final Exam.

Is there a parent portal?

Parent Portal with login details is created immediately after the student registers. Information on  academic, attendance of login , course progress , interaction with teachers and counsellors to be shared on regular basis.

It is the Responsibility of Parents with IVS regarding information about their child’s performance:

  • have access to their child’s course(s) to see how they are learning and progressing
  • be informed regarding course requirements, assessment & evaluation methods, and timelines for work submission

Parents/guardians are responsible for:

  • actively monitoring their child’s progress
  • understanding how they can contribute to their child’s success
  • initiating contact with Academic Team and administration, should difficulties arise
  • working collaboratively with the school, academic team and student to plan for their child’s improvement, when necessary

Are there due dates in my course?

  • It is a flexible self-paced learning program, students aspiring for University admissions to keep in mind university application datelines and completion of the prerequisites while planning the course time plan.
  • IVS recommends High School Diploma ( Grades 9-12) students make a plan to complete their course(s), and decide on a target date for completion from the outset. Students should look at the breakdown of the units in the course and spread them over their available time.
  • Students should account for other commitments and periods when they will be able to spend more time on the online course, and times when they will be busy with other aspects of life.
  • IVS Online also recommends students share this plan with parents and IVS Academic Team to keep them accountable to their completion goals.
  • Students needing further assistance with planning may consider Academic Coaching; available through the guidance department of IVS.

Are the tests proctored/supervised?

  • IVS on student’s demand ,will initiate Proctored supervised Tests Students may use the online proctoring service with an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). This service is particularly helpful for students who are unable to find an in-person proctor or require last-minute test or exam arrangements. IVS strongly recommends scheduling the test or exam at least Seven  days in advance to allow for proper teacher communication.To schedule a proctor for a test or exam, students must do the following:
    1. Find an available time slot for your test or final exam and book it — learn more here
    2. Pay the necessary fee
    3. Complete the Assessment Information Form (will be made available after payment is complete)

    For this proctoring option, students must have the following (all are mandatory):

    • A webcam
    • A microphone
    • A laptop or desktop computer
    • Printer (present at the time of the assessment)
    • Scanner or Scanner app (via App Store or Play Store)
    • Government-issued photo ID

    Upon completion of the test or exam, the student’s exam video will be reviewed to verify that all procedures were properly followed. The student will then scan the test or exam with the proctor live and email it directly to the proctor’s email address

Do universities/colleges value online courses differently than in-class courses?

  • Almost all colleges and universities accept an accredited online high school diploma. Usually,  TVO ILC accredited online high schools are more widely accepted for University Placement.

What are the hardware and software requirements?


  • A PC running Windows XP or higher or
  • A Mac running OS X or
  • A Chromebook running Chrome OS
  • 2GB of RAM
  • High speed internet connection
  • A sound card with speakers or headphones
  • A functional webcam and microphone

In some cases, a scanner or phone/camera may be required to submit handwritten assignments.


  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Java
  • A typical Office Suite including a word processor application, equation editor andspreadsheets (Google Docs will also suffice)


  • Mozilla Firefox 4 or higher or
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher or
  • Safari 5 or higher or
  • Google Chrome 11 or higher

When does my course start?

Once registered online, we will have you set up in your course within 24-72 business hours. You will receive a welcome email containing all the information you need to get started.

Is there any additional support beyond messaging my teacher?

Yes; IVS teacher will hold virtual hours once a week. During this time, you can arrange to video conference with your teacher if you need more assistance. Office hours are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Further, IVS teachers will connect with course specialist & course facilitators. Course Facilitators are certified teacher by TVO ILC

How are the assessments performed?

Assessments are done through a variety of formats for the unit break ups and mid term. Students must have finished and submitted all coursework before taking the final exam as per the ILC  Final Test Policy. All exams are  conducted under the supervision of TVO ILC Facilitator.

What is the withdrawal policy?

Only exam fee will be refunded if the request is processed two days prior to the commencement of exam. Course registration fee is non -refundable.

To ensure students are not enrolled in courses they will not be able to complete, it is important to provide IVS with the academic documentation requested as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the student and their parents to ensure they have the correct prerequisite(s) for the course(s) in which they are enrolling. Please Contact Deputy Director Admission to confirm required prerequisites. Refunds will not be provided in cases where students do not have the correct prerequisites.

How long do I have to complete my course?

Students are welcome to complete courses in a shorter time-frame, but must complete all required components of the course. Courses have been designed in amanner where students who complete all course components will generally meet orexceed 110 hours of planned instruction.

Do I get a textbook?

TVO ILC Course content provides information for a course through varied media of print, video, reference reading links and teacher support. Textbook list will be provided and students may procure these on their own.

How does my completed course report is generated?

IVS issues an official Report Card when a student reaches the midterm point of a course and again upon course completion. The student will also receive a hard copy by mail.

The report card provides a percentage grade which reflects the corresponding level outlined in the achievement chart for the discipline. A student successfully earns the credit when a final grade of 50% or higher is earned.

The final grade for each course in Grades 9–12 will be determined through the completion of both course work and a final evaluation. Course work and assessments will make up 70% of the final grade. This portion of the grade should reflect the student’s most consistent level of achievement. However, special consideration can be given to more recent evidence of achievement. The remaining 30% of the final grade will be based on a final evaluation delivered as an examination, performance essay, and/or other method suitable to the course content.

The report card also provides a record of the learning skills demonstrated by a student in each course. Learning skills will be assessed in the following six categories: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation. These learning skills are evaluated using a four-point scale (E–Excellent, G–Good, S–Satisfactory, N–Needs Improvement). The report card includes the teacher’s comments on what a student has learned, their significant strengths, and the next steps for improvement. The report may also include the principal’s comments on a student’s performance.

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is an official document issued by TVO ILC , as well as international schools authorized to grant Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits. IVS, UAE ,students to receive the same on completion of the programme.

What is IVS TVO ILC edge for university placement?

IVS, UAE, is the sole partner of TVO ILC Ontario. Along with Academic support in attaining High School Diploma, Foundation courses and fast track credits for University admission in Canada, it provides multiple services through counselling for courses at university.

Services include:

  • Assessment for Placement (PLAR) for University Admission
  • Full Credit Courses with counselling and academic support
  • Personalized Guidance Sessions, 45 minutes per session University Application Support
  • cover letter, transcript, confirmation of enrollment, mid-term report, transcri
  • Diploma Assessment for Eligibility and guidance
  • Final verification of Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements: community hours, successful completion of OSSLT or Ontario Literacy Course, 18 compulsory credits and 12 elective credits;
  • Final transcript and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

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